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Bank holiday kitsch

Oh, come on –¬†you love it, don’t you? Just a little bit – don’t fight it. Ever since the royal couple announced their engagement in November, I have been vehemently struggling against the tide, insisting that it’s not of interest to me and that companies who jump on the band wagon are just ridiculous. I still hold to that latter point a bit, but last week I finally cracked and embraced the kitsch in an all-out manner. Infact, I seem to have gone the complete opposite way and, let me tell you brothers and sisters, it feels good!

For starters, check out the mug that I bought in the spirit of things. Now every tea break is a reminder, not only of one couple’s fight against all the odds en route to true love (!), but also of the upcoming bank holidays and the general feeling of happiness and goodwill that accompanies this time of year – but is magnified in 2010. Come on, you feel less morose than you did a month ago. Just a bit, admit it.

If you want to know how mad I actually went when I finally cracked, here’s the proof.


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