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Burger me

Granted, I am a fair-weather blogger, but then why write about things if it’s not going to be interesting? Dining out with a friend who’s a food blogger and having a posh Mayfair steakhouse create a special burger especially for the occasion, is (interesting, that is).

So, Chris (fetching photo left) is intent on finding an authentic West Coast burger in the UK, specifically in London, so much so that his quest has become somewhat of a challenge to those with the burger know-how (or not, in many cases).  So, not knowing much about burgers myself – at least not as much as my dining companion – it was with great gusto that I happily grabbed, chomped and slopped my way (see below) through Goodman’s House Burger and the special In-N-Out tribute burger which they’d made especially, sourcing crappy cheese slices from cornershops.  Good news.

Part of this West Coast Burger ideal, which Chris holds so dear, is a portion of Animal Fries. No, dear unworldly friends, this is neither a portion of mammal-shaped bites (a la Cadbury’s Animals in potato format) or some sort of suspect Asian delicacy, this is simply a dish of French fries topped with mounds (and I mean mounds) of the afore-mentioned Kraft cheese, melted and mixed with thousand island sauce, pickles and other various artery-blocking, exceptionally tasty ingredients. I loved it. As the cheese went slightly cooler it formed a most unnatural gooey topping, which can only be 100% terrible for you. But then there are few things that can only be good if you have he cheapest, crappiest available (Frankfurters, for example, or, as I have recently found, Jaffa Cakes. I guess you could argue that Crab Sticks fall under this umbrella, but I will never endorse them. Ever.)

Anyway, I digress, but basically, it was really, really tasty. My burger was nice and Chris’ was Very nice (that’s one step up, but you’ve gotta love cheese). I won’t harp on about the actual review – that’s Chris’ job.



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