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Aussie rules

It is a day of mixed emotions, as I returned home tonight find that, finally, we have the internet.  Firstly, and primarily, I felt joy.  I could now finally do all those millions of things that I have been meaning to do ever since we moved in in August, but haven’t been able to do through a Blackberry or at work, like…um, check my LoveFilm list and, er, see who’s requested to follow me on Twitter…I even checked BBC weather, just because it doesn’t work so well on mobile devices.  This is when the secondary emotion started to kick in; I have just spent the last two hours in front of my mac doing absolutely bob-shag all.  Sure, I’ve checked ‘my wall’, looked for some new trainers (is red too much?) and had a read of my 28 emails (25 of which were junk newsletters), but despite being glued to the screen (and, as a result, missing a chunk of detail in tonight’s Masterchef final), I haven’t actually done anything worthwhile.  So, I am going to tell you a little story and then turn this damn machine off.  I’ve spent too many hours in front of a computer today already to be addicted to my Mac:

I have been wanting to try an authentic Chinese mooncake for a while now.  I have been warned by colleagues in Hong Kong that they are truly disgusting, but never the less, I wanted to taste one.  The full moon festival was approaching and I thought it would be  my perfect opportunity to finally taste one of these delicacies in a trip to London’s China Town.  Alas, I was away (in Berlin, it was nice – worth a trip, but very cold this time of year), so my chance passed me by.  However, yesterday a colleague at work gave me a pleasant surprise when she told me that, on a recent trip to Hong Kong, she had met with our marketing guy over there who, knowing of my gastronomic desire, had given her a mooncake to take back for me.  Now, this would have been perfect, except for one thing; they were going to Australia before returning to the UK.  The problem with this is that the customs lady took one look at the gift in question, wipped out her knife, cutting the cake apart, and then, seeing the pickled egg at in the centre, confiscated it.  So I was left with a (very pretty) tin and a note from the Aussie customs informing me of the contents’ fate.  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  But I think the former is probably the best option, so here is my letter from the Aussies (yes, I know the format is a bit messed up, click on the right one and it will be big – I’ve got better things to do with my time than mess about with html at 10.40pm…like watch the BNP on Question Time!):

Ps. the whole thing reminds me of my favourite episode of The Simpsons, where Bart introduces the bullfrog to Australia…No?…”knifey spooney”. .?  Anyone?


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