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Mark Alder and the Baudelaires

I’ve been a bit lame recently when it’s come to writing on this wee blog.  The truth is that I haven’t felt the bolt of inspiration strike, like it has so often before.  Looking back on my last month though, I have actually done some pretty cool things – I’ve been to The Harrow at Little Bedwyn (a Michelin starred restaurant), I’ve sipped at Weissbier in a pub in Borough Market next to Oz Clarke and I’ve drunk 1949 Sauternes (not to mention having my first experience of Sing-Star) – all very blog-worthy activities, but they just couldn’t quite get me to where I am now; sat in front of the old laptop, tip-tapping away at the shiny white keys.  

However, the feeling did strike me in a rather unexpected place on Friday (no jokes please); at my friend’s gig.  Now, I am not one to harp about friends’ talents and, if I’m honest, watching people I know perform in bands usually makes me cringe somewhere deep inside but this was different.  Not that I expected anything else.  Mark has been my friend for a good few years now and I have always enjoyed watching him play solo when he’s been able to make it up to Reading, but on Friday I finally made it to see him with his band ( Mark Alder and The Baudelaires), and it was something else.  I’m not really sure what to write here, unlike talking about a film, or writing about a meal / bottle of wine, writing about bands is not something I really do a lot.  Basically it was ace.  It was so good that I would even go to see these guys play if I didn’t know them from Adam.  I’m not even going to compare them to anyone else music-wise, I’m sure they’d have their own comparisons to make, but I can assure you that if you go to check them out, you will not be disappointed.  Toe-tappingly, hip-bobbingly, ‘let’s-just blinkin-dance-the-night-away’ good.

In fact, a newly-made friend pinned it down precisely when she said “its just so nice to have a friend who’s in a band that I actually want to go and see…one that I don’t have to pretend to like more than I do”…or words to that effect.


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