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Consider this a postcard

I really feel I ought to write about my recent trip to Chile, but how does one possibly begin to sum up a two week trip in one little post? Well, fear ye not, I will not be attempting to do this. Instead, I will give you a nice, bite-sized round-up of my top five things that happened (Vicky, this does not include seeing you for the first time in two years, which was obviously the overall delight!):

1) Dancing with pikeys in a sticky bar, drinking ‘Earthquakes’ (beer, wine, a scoop of pineapple icecream…and possibly also a shot of vodka..it was hard to determine the exact ingredients and no-one really seemed to know). Top moments from the afternoon (yes, I know, it was actually still light when we left) include watching Vicky dance the Chilean national dance to the accordion and being chatted up with the charming phrase: “How do you say ‘I want to gauge out your eyes and get married to them’?”. I also quite enjoyed chatting to the security guard in the supermarket afterwards, who told us that he’d just divorced his wife after she stabbed him, shortly before giving Vicky his email address. Sometimes I wonder if that actually happened, or if was just the result of the beer/wine/vodka combo…

2) Climbing the Villarica Volcano at 4am…not least because our instructor had the most beautiful bottom I have ever seen in real life (as I have not yet actually met Rafael Nadal). My particular favourite point of the event was when Vicky pissed into the wind and ended up with wee on her boots.

3) Various national dishes consumed, thanks to Vicky and Schuyler, who ensured that I pretty much tried all that was possible on a shoe-string budget. I’ll be badgered if I can remember the proper names for all the dishes, but particular favour went to Cazuela (or Consuela for the sake or ease and comedy), empanadas (basically Cornish pasties) and various seafood sampled in fish markets around the towns.

4) Our final night, which ended up with Vicky and I chatting to lovely Chilean barmen in an empty restaurant and then eating some suspicious looking raw meat dish in a German Bierstube, before running over the dual carriageway to check out the commotion at a gig (which turned out to be a closed-off Ramones tribute act) and finally deciding to take the night bus home and being stared at for being giggling foreigners all the way (although one ganster-looking chap was smiling nicely at us). Ace, that’s what good times are made of.

5) Enjoying a walk through the lovely national park at Huereque and relaxing in the thermal spas that evening, watching the sun set over the volcano while we chatted the night away in the pools.

Right, that pretty much sums it up. Other things may or may not have happened, but a blog may not be the ideal forum for such discussions…

Oh, and we also watched Barack Obama being sworn in, in a TV shop in Valparaiso, but I can’t really say it was a highlight because the Spanish dubbing meant that I was just watching his face move and getting tired legs for the best part of 40 minutes.

Ciao for now.


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