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It’snow fun

As I write this I should be preparing to land in Santiago de Chile to visit my best friend who I have not seen for nearly two years, but instead I am sat in bed in Reading in a house with no heating, suffering ever so slightly from gin-based drinking games last night.

The reason for this? Snow. Yes, fair people, in this day and age where it is possible to create see-through suits, have real-time video calls with people the other side of the world and travel to the moon, it would seem that nothing can rival the power of Mother Nature, even at her relatively mildest, for Madrid airport (where I was transiting through) was closed due to a freak snowstorm yesterday. As a result I spent a precious day of my two week holiday (not to mention a day off work) sat on a dusty floor in Heathrow’s Terminal 2, shuffling along and trying not to lose my patience with riled fellow passengers who began acting totally irrationally.

Anyway, today is a new day and I am booked onto a brand new flight tonight – this time via Brazil (I’m hoping that snow won’t be too much of a problem there). I am doing my best to look on the bright side; I am going from Terminal 5 (this actually made me squeal with excitement when I was finally re-booked at 8.30pm last night) and I am going with BA, which I am hoping will mean a better plane than Iberia…only time will tell…


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New Year goodwill

A little heart-warming tale to bring us into the New Year:

Last Saturday night I lost my wallet / had it stolen whilst out a’dancin’ with some friends.  I woke up on Sunday morning to go for lunch and it was nowhere to be found so I set about cancelling cards and listing the items that would need replacing.  I even filed a Lost Property report with the Police but it seemed in vain.  Besides, there wasn’t any cash it it, just ID cards etc.

Anyway, on New Year’s Eve a redirected parcel arrived for me at my parents’ house.  This is most odd as I have not moved recently.  On closer inspection someone had written ‘Happy New Year!’ on the front, so I opened it only to find my ENTIRE wallet inside. It had been found in a post-box just out of town and had been sent to me by The Royal Mail free of charge.  This made me very happy and, even though I have now cancelled my cards, it’s little acts like this that restore my faith humanity!

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