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Losing my innocence

When something’s blog-worthy it’s simply down-right rude not to do it justice.  Such is the case with my adventure last night, which saw me loose my casino virginity. Admittedly, when I’d imagined my first time I had hoped it would be in Monaco with a handsome stranger, or during a booze-fueled, hedonistic 24 hours in Vegas, but it happened in Reading.  Life never turns out the way you expected though, does it?

Anyway, the location did not take away from the guilty thrill I experienced – in fact, I’d say that the seedy atmosphere simply enhanced my enjoyment.  We sat at the Roulette table and bets were placed.  I was too nervous to even contemplate participating yet, so I sat back on a padded plastic stool and watched the action like an eagle-eyed observer, ever classy with drink in hand.  A foreign gentleman asked me to suggest a number for him to bet on – this was it, I wasn’t dreaming; I was definitely a Bond girl.  The number came up and I knew my time had come.  He disappeared (thankfully) but I bought some chips (can you believe that they don’t give change?!) and my betting began.  With each spin of the wheel I waited with baited breath; I could almost smell the spice on the East African breeze as I imagined frittering away my winnings in the coming months.

The ball shot around in an exciting blur, it clattered as it slowed, the room was spinning and, suddenly, I was £2.50 up.  I was on a roll.  From that point on there was no stopping me – I was now a member of this institution and I would darn-well act like one.  Who cared if my paltry red chips were worth less than the (frankly disturbing) piles that others around the table were hoarding?  This was my night. And, sure enough, I doubled my investment and left the casino with a whopping extra £10 in my back pocket.  Not a bad end to a Saturday night at all – until I found out that my friend had made £85.  The kebabs were on him.


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