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Matra Springs Hunagrian wine

Right, I know it’s 7.45pm on Christmas eve and I am blogging, but as I prepare for the evening’s festivities with a glass of wine (naturally), I felt compelled to write a short entry about the Hungarian white I am currently sampling.

It’s a light, dry wine from Northern Hungary and, despite an extensive two minute Google search, I cannot determine the grape variety. On the bottle it states that it is “made from the typical Hungarian grape varieties originating from the sunny slopes Felso-Magyarorszag”. Unfortunately, searching for that only brings up Hungarian sites, so if you are a native speaker or have more patience than me, let me know!

Right, back to the wine. It is light in every way, especially in colour and scent, however it has a surprisingly mouth-watering finish, which is pleasantly addictive. On the whole it is a ‘nice’, ‘inoffensive’ wine, but it’s juicy green apple tang definitely makes it worth the while.

Even better, I have a feeling that this is a great value wine. I have no idea where it is from (a dinner party offering) but I believe that Waitrose stock the range for a mere £3.79!

I’d definitely try this wine – it is delicate enough to have alone (or ‘elegant’, as the label describes), but it was perfectly capable of holding up against my gourmet boiled potatoes, cheese and meats!

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